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Our Story

New York Jet Club is a new kind of travel membership service. We believe in simplicity, accessibility, and transparency within the aviation industry. You deserve to know exactly where you’re going and how.

WHAT WE DO – For the Travelers by the Travelers.  We’re not about commercializing seatings or telling you what to do. When we set out to develop New York Jet Club, we wanted something simple, effective, and efficient. We challenged some of the top aviation groups to dream up the perfect private jet service. The result is everything we think a private jet experience should be.

WHO WE ARE – We know our Aircrafts.  For us, creating the perfect jet service is more than just booking a ticket and getting on a plane — it’s working with individuals and corporations that care as much about time and safety as we do. We’ve worked tirelessly to find the right flight partners worldwide with the best aircrafts that meets our standards. At New York Jet Club, true transparency isn’t just something we talk about, it’s what we do.

HONESTY – We care so much about our members and passengers. Too often, airline companies make their process and service intentionally confusing to keep their customers from knowing what’s really going on. We’re proud of the products and service we’ve put together with no unnecessary confusion. So go ahead and look up in the sky and see what we do—we want you to.