Spring Saunders



I am a 24 year- old entrepreneur. I grew up all over the world; born in Japan and grew up in Brazil,  lived in numerous countries in Europe and most recently lived in China. I am now based in Los Angeles and regularly commute between LA , NYC and China.

Some people dream of being a culinary expert, some are passionate about design or fashion. For me there is one thing I love above all else, building businesses. Starting with nothing and building it into something the world has never seen before. Since I was 14 I started working, and soon after that opened my first small business. Every business I have ever started have been in very different areas, I started off with a dance tutoring center, then opened a Mexican restaurant and an exporting company that I started with my friend, all of these businesses I opened within China.

My latest endeavor is on a much larger scale than anything I have ever done before. I moved to LA mid 2014. After one year of curating the luxury concierge service, I recognized a high demand for private jet services for my affluent Chinese and global clientele, and this is how New York Jet Club (NYJC) was born.

The best way to describe what I am building now is a private jet airline based on demand, with flights going between the most in demand locations for business travel. We started off simply doing charter  and achieved great success in providing jet services to Chinese clientele. We are working hard towards our next great venture in the aviation field and have the support of so many wonderful people.

The key to doing anything big or small is this… DO IT!